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NAC Clients Lanark ML11 7SF

NAC Clients

1 Silvermuir Cottages
ML11 7SF
Phone: 01555 871900
Business Days:
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NAC has extensive experience over the whole spectrum of Acoustics, Noise and Vibration consultancy.

We use state of the art hardware and software to carry out investigations and design work.

We can quote for work of all scales from minor noise issues to major industrial contracts, and always work to provide the most cost-effective solution to every project.

NAC has considerable experience in the technical and practical aspects of noise control. This, together with the computer capabilities, enables us to undertake Acoustic Consultancy commissions at the highest level.

Environmental Noise

Train Noise Measurement of existing noise levels and prediction of noise from proposed developments in order to prepare an Environmental Noise Statement. Where existing external noise from premises is causing nuisance, NAC has the experience to resolve the problem.

Industrial Noise

Industrial NoiseNAC carries out workplace noise surveys in order to prepare workplace noise assessment reports that are suitable for the purposes of meeting the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive. The surveys are undertaken in accordance with The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, taking due cognisance of associated Health and Safety Guidance Notes including Controlling Noise at Work, L108 (2nd Edition 2005), HSE.

Architectural Acoustics

Studio DesignAdvice and guidance on optimum acoustic conditions for auditoriums and cellular offices including selection of appropriate room finishes and with regard to speech privacy advice on appropriate separating element constructions. Determination of optimum background noise from road, rail and air traffic.


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