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D L Barrett & Sons Bristol BS2 0JY

D L Barrett & Sons

40-48 Midland Road
St. Philips
Phone: 0117 927 2784
Business Days:
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
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  • Friday


We all know that feeling when the family is growing larger and our house seems to be growing smaller. We need a larger kitchen, or perhaps even an additional bedroom. But the cost of moving would be huge, and in any case we like the street we live in. In that case, it would make sense to stay put, and then come to DL Barrett & son to discuss an extension. We have an independent full-time health and safety assessor offering you addtional reassurance. The heatlh and safety office ensures that the health and safety policy is complete and regularly updated. Risk assessment and method statements are kept on file in relation to jobs carried out. DL Barrett & Son have complete public and employers liability insurance.


Sometimes you begin to feel that some part of your house is in need of major refurbishment. It might be the living room, where you have put up for years with an old 1930s-style open fireplace, when what you want is a modern gas-effect fire. It might be the kitchen, where the units are looking old and worn. Or perhaps you need a new bathroom. Whatever your needs, DL Barrett & Son can take care of them - and you.


Alterations are one of our specialities. For example, you may have a large upstairs room which would be good for guests - but there are no ensuite facilities, it's on the dark side and the tremendous view can only be seen by standing on a chair. We can provide you with an enlarged window which gives you plenty of of light and lets you enjoy the view - and we can add the ensuite bathroom and take care of everything from the plumbing and the electricity through to the final decoration.

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